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This book was prepared with the singers, musicians, dancers, ministers of music, worship leaders & congregation - The Worshipping Levites in mind, based on scripture and the real life of a Levite.

Many are called, but few are CHOSEN!

Therefore it is incumbent upon those that have ministered and worked in this area of ministry for a number of years to share with other Worshipping Levites tools and things that are necessary to help them be better at what they are called to do. Even if it means pulling one out of their comfort zone to bring forth what God has called them to do, that is simply what must happen when one is CHOSEN!

Once you have the knowledge and understanding of who you are and what you are called to do, NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE will have to tell you about your assignment and the posture to have when you enter in to Worship.

Once you have applied the information, it will impact your activities, as well; your whole life, ministry and purpose will change.

Question of the Day: Are you CHOSEN?


              Front Cover Design by Neville JJ Jones – Neville Jones Designs                       Contact Email -

Photo - Nick Burse of Nicholas Lamar Studios, Pittsburg, CA.

Stylist - Erika Lyons/Rusty Watson.

Fashion Designer – Pastor Robert Lyons, Jr.


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