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along with the Married Life-Straight Talk Workbook


~The Complete Set cost $18.00~

The Individual Cost:

Married Life-Straight Talk Book - $10.00

Married Life-Straight Talk Workbook - $8.00



Feel free to leave a Book Review on this Site on our Comments Page. We would love to hear how the book touched your life!


*Married Life-Straight Talk*



~In The Beginning~

~He Found Me~

~We Knew Each Other, But....~

~Make It Count~

~Look Your Best When Dating~

~Are You Mad~

~I Married A Preacher~

~The Gentleman & The Lady~

~The Question & Answer Period~

~Enjoy Your Life~


This Book is not just for those that are Married, it's also for those that are Single!


Feel free to order the book from!

The Book


The Workbook



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