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This Movement came to be as I searched out how many Alfreda's there were in the wonderful world of Facebook. I came across 89 Alfreda's and I requested them all to be my friends.

I then decided on January 14, 2012 that I would create a page that is specifically set aside for ALL Alfreda's, Elfreda's, Freda's and all other spellings of the name and name it 'FREDA'S WORLD'! 

In the process, I have come to know a lot of the Freda's and it's extremely exciting. 

Upon setting up the Page, after hearing the various comments from the ladies about how they were treated when they were younger and how they were made to feel bad about their name, etc., this CREED was established:


WE have no need to hate;

WE have no need to be jealous;

WE have no need to be intimidated;

WE have no need to think we are less than;

For WE are fearfully and wonderfully made.......WE ARE DIVA'S!!!



D - Divinely

I - Inspired,

V - Victorious

A - Attractive &

S - Stylish

(Psalm 139:14)

We currently have 239 Freda's from all over the world on our FB page and will be reaching out to more this year. 






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