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08-30-2016 3:03:46 PM PST

This is my Weekly Talk About It Tuesday Blog that I write about LIFE!



You Are Unstoppable!


'Lord, everytime I feel like I have gone two steps forward, I feel like I get knocked four steps backwards. What is it that keeps stopping me from progressing?'

Many people share this sentiment and they just keep going round the same mountain over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Not knowing this is a cycle that has gone from generation to generation, until you start talking to others that are connected to you.

Once you have a clear understanding of what stops those around you, YOU take it upon yourself to change the cycle.

How do I change the cycle?



The First thing you do is PRAY and ask God for Help to lead and guide you in this situation.

The Second thing you do is GET A NEW NOTEBOOK & PEN and begin to write things down that you want to change. Get a notebook with a lot of pages. Write one thing per page. Take your time and think this through. This is not a rush job. It took you a long time to get to that point, so it will not be an overnight exercise.

The Third thing you do is LOOK AT YOUR WHOLE LIFE & put your ownself under the microscope. Not pointing any fingers at anyone else that may have had a hand in the various situations, but understanding YOUR ROLE in the situation. Remove the other party from the equation and see YOU! Study your role and start removing those things that were not good in the situation that you were a part of. Once you see what's left, you will better know and understand who you really are.

The Fourth thing you do is LOOK IN THE MIRROR & talk to yourself about YOU. If you start to cry, DO NOT wipe the tears away. Allow them to flow down your face, from your heart, onto your clothing and feel the tears. By the time you are done, there should be tears stains on your face. Take a damp cloth and wipe your face. This process causes you to remove the old tear stains that were caused by such pain you felt in your heart. 

The Fifth thing you do is GO BACK TO YOUR NOTEBOOK & write down how you feel about each page after talking to yourself about you. There has to be a change that has taken place. Make sure something is written on every page, before moving forward.

The Sixth thing you do is GO BACK TO YOUR NOTEBOOK & start writing down solutions at the bottom of every page. Once you have completed every page, then and only then are you ready to move on.

The Seventh thing you do is GET YOUR NOTEBOOK & GO FIND A BODY OF WATER, like a Lake, the Marina, the Bay, the Ocean. Tear out each page one at a time, say what you have written on top, say the Solution, ball it up and throw it into the water. After you have done the whole notebook, page by page, watch them float away.

The Eighth thing you do is GIVE GOD A PRAISE FOR MOVING FORWARD & begin to walk it out in your life on a daily basis. Tell yourself, 'I AM UNSTOPPABLE.'

Remember, THIS is something you are doing for YOURSELF, not anyone else. Not to please or impress anyone else. THIS is how you get your life together.

Now, that you have gotten through STAGE ONE of being UNSTOPPABLE, you are now ready for the next stage. You will recieve STAGE TWO next Tuesday.