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from the SANG'N SISTA'S of Northern California!


Early in 2016, I was sitting one day and a thought came to mind. Then it was impressed upon my heart to bring together FEMALE LEAD VOCALISTS from the Northern California Bay Area to do a Concert together. 

I reached out to approximately 150 Singers and after numerous rehearsals at various locations, we were blessed to not only do the Concert, but turn it into a LIVE RECORDING SESSION.

We featured various Soloists and even celebrated our youngest Sang'n Sista's, gave them each an envelope and had the people to bring a Love Gift and place it in their envelope to let them know that what they do in their youth really does matter and to encourage them to continue on in their singing!

These photos captured that evening!




We also have our very own Tee that we wear as part of our Uniform to share with the world, who we are!


In December, 2018, we will host our 1st Community Event that will celebrate Homeless Women and those Women that are less fortunate that we are. There is more information to come regarding that Event and how you can assist us in being a blessing to these Women!